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Service Offerings

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Tax Preparation and Planning

  • Business Brokering

  • Fiduciary Services

  • Passive Income


Nexxus Financial Resource Ventures helps expand, run, and sell businesses. Nexxus helps owners and managers make decisions by providing financial data and advice. Nexxus understands that entrepreneurship and the myriad small business owners are the foundation for a strong economy. By working with Nexxus, business owners can navigate the complexities of operating a business with confidence.

Certified Public Accountant 137595      Business Broker 02103217

Wealth & Finance International Awards:
Winner of Ethical Finance Award for CFO & CPA Services Firm of the Year 2023

Winner of Ethical Finance Award for CPA Firm of the Year 2022

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Some of Our Services

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Chief Financial Officer

Financial information is the lifeblood for making business decisions. Setting up accounting systems and processes to accurately capture all of your business activity is Nexxus' specialty. Nexxus is the financial resource entrepreneurs and managers can turn to. Call to strategize on growing your business.
Meetings, phone calls and virtual conference
billed at $350 per hour

Specializations in tax strategy, business management consulting, and accounting systems and processes

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Business Brokering

Nexxus can help existing businesses expand their operations through horizontal or vertical integration. For entrepreneurs ready to enjoy their grandchildren and focus on their golf game, we can help you sell your business. Nexxus also works with those ready to take the leap of faith into business ownership buy their first business. Nexxus has the knowledge and experience to get your transaction closed.


Business brokering commission

Sale Price                     Commission

$4,000,000 or less     10% of sale price

Happy Couple

Fiduciary Services

Think of the progeny
Whether you want to ensure your young family lives comfortably after an unfortunate event, or leave a legacy for your progeny, Nexxus will ensure that your wishes are carried out exactly as you intend. 

Trustee service
1.0% of trust fund assets per year with $4000 minimum annual fee

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Passive Income

Put your capital to work

Nexxus offers vehicles for those looking for principal protection, and a healthy return on their money. Nexxus is offering notes up to 13% APR

Nexxus sells commercial real estate, which are passive income producing assets that produce multigenerational wealth. We will help investors buy industrial warehouses, manufacturing facilities, hotels, apartment complexes, self storage facilities, strip malls, NNN Leased assets and retail centers. 

Please call for details 408-766-4771


“ Kaiden joined my CPA tax practice during the last year of operations. My health made it difficult for me to manage my business that year. Kaiden worked with my senior staff to keep operations flowing and effectuated the efforts to merge my practice with another CPA firm. I trust Kaiden and know that I can rely on him. He is loyal and a man of integrity. He has demonstrated that he has my best interest at heart. 

One of the projects that Kaiden took the lead on for me was arranging for a warehouse to be emptied and cleaned. Kaiden was able to get a recycling center to take most of the bulk for free on top of helping to remove it from the premises. The dumping fees and labor that I was charged were a fourth of what I would have otherwise paid to dispose of everything. Kaiden's method of problem solving is focused on creating win-win situations. By doing this he is able to assemble motivated people to help meet his objectives. I have found that people find Kaiden to be a pleasure to do business with. 

I would recommend Kaiden to run any company that engages him for that. He is honest, humble, responsible with company resources, and is a natural leader. 

Leonard W. Williams, CPA     January 2019


Please use the Calendly link to book a meeting with Kaiden Degas, CPA.

Department of Consumer Affairs

California Board of Accountancy

CPA license number 137595.


The Department of Real Estate

license number 02103217 under broker

eXp Commercial of California, Inc

DRE 02134436

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